Our Services

Education Counseling

With more than 25000 universities across the world, our team of professional counsellors can help you shortlist the right course and university for you keeping in mind your passion, intellect and your future goals. Making the right choice is what makes the difference and our team of professionals leaves no stone unturned to guide you on the right path as per your true preferences.

University Application

The application process is made very easy with our tie ups with education providers across the world and us knowing their application requirements, sending them a completed application for a fast turnaround. Our dedicated team is always facilitating the fast processing of your application, giving you timely updates and providing the necessary documents to the education provider of your choice.


Overseas student health cover is a mandatory insurance policy that an international student is required to have to cover his medical expenses while in Australia. Our agency can help you find the right policy at the best price from an Australian government approved provider.

Visa Processing

Visa processing is an essential part of your study abroad application and your dreams of studying overseas are totally dependent on it. With years of experience processing study visa applications, our team is well versed with the process and are constantly updating their skill set as per government guidelines to make the process as easy and efficient as possible for you.

Pre Departure Advisory

Leaving for a new country for the first time can be very difficult and requires making the necessary transition for easy settlement. Having counseled thousands of students over the years with their study abroad applications, we can apprise you with what to pack, foreign currency and its exchange, insights on the native culture and avenues of supports available overseas.